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How Do I Know What Size Wig Is Fit To Me?

Most of our wigs are average size, which means they fit heads 21 ½ to 22 ½ inches in circumference. 95% of all women fit into the average size. All of our wig caps are adjustable, too. By simply moving the Adjustment Straps, the elastic straps or Velcro strips, you can make the cap tighter or looser by about an inch. In addition, there are a few simple alterations that you can do yourself to make your wig smaller or larger.

Find Your Size

In order for your wig to fit securely and comfortably, you need to be sure you've bought the right wig size.To determine you wig size, you need to measure your head. Before you measure, though, be sure to flatten your hair. Also use a cloth tape measure to ensure accuracy. simply take a tape measure and place it at the middle of your forehead at the hairline. Then run the tape around the head, behind one ear, around the nape of the neck, behind the other ear, and then back to the front at the hairline.

If you have any other questions about sizing, please call +86 166 3861 6319, or email us at

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