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How To Care Your Curly Hair

Recently I've received emails from friends who are frustrated about daily maintenance for curly hair,don't worry about it at all, in this article, I will show you some special care tips for our lovely curly hair to maintain its original status.

On top of all, remember to treat your curly like what you will do to other hair textures, but that's still too far away from that and there's a long long way to go.

Tip1: De-tangling and Combing Out Is Super Important

Curly hair tends to be more likely to tangle than ordinary straight styles for its special craftsmanship and hair texture, so it's normal and inevitable to get tangled now and then, all you need to do is to comb out or run your fingers through the hair strands to make tangles fall out.

In general, I would suggest doing this in washing and conditioning the curly hair when it can be moisturized and soft and easier to conduct, but when it is too dry and frizzy, you can apply slight olive oil or leave-in conditioner to wet over first.

Tip2: Deep Washing& Conditioning Regularly

Curly hair requires more tender routine maintenance. Keep in mind to wash twice every week if you wear daily with a moisture rich conditioner for deep nurturing for at least 10 mins, then run water through hair in a downward motion, using your fingers to help the process of removing the conditioner. Then original curls should be revitalized and slipping through your fingers. If you still have tangles, repeat the conditioner step in the tangled area.

Tip3: Do Never Sleep On Your Hair

You will never know how it harms the hair when you sleep on your hair. Just drop it!

Try to take off your hair and put it on a wig stand or mannequin head to loosen and fresh up after a day's wear and tidy up the curls with leave-in conditioner to fuel up enough moisture and oil to rejuvenate the life of hair.

But if you insist on wearing with your hair, remember to bend forward and wrap your hair in a soft satin or silk scarf or put it into a loose ponytail first so that in the next morning, your hair can get away with a catastrophic disaster, which will probably drive you crazy definitely.

Tip4: High Quality Curl Refiner Strongly Suggested

Owing to the feature of curly hair, choosing a good amount of premium curl definer or lotion is strongly suggested, apply it to the curl patterns, then use your fingers or a tooth comb to brush through. When completed, do not disturb curls!

Tip5: Daily Curl Spray Still Necessary

For daily care, spray the hair all over with a mixture of 60% of water, 10% of conditioner, 20% of hair oil and 10% of anti-frizz. De-tangle with fingers if necessary or apply more water with palm for those who enjoy having a wet look.

If you have more doubts or questions, please drop down below and let me know, wish you have a wet and gorgeous look every day with modernshowhair!




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