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How to Protect My Hair During Workouts

how to protect hair

Staying beautiful and healthy has always been what people are longing for,but what if you are working out with your hair products on? How to keep energetic and dynamic without sacrificing on elegance? Here are the helpful tips:

Tip1: Tie Up Your Hair

Speaking of workouts, you will inevitably sweat all over, before which, you should tie up your hair with an elastic hair ribbon or hairband to secure the hair before it loosens and hide your vision or stick to your skin which makes an awful experience, you wont want that happen to you not even at a fat chance, right? A low profile bun is suggested rather than a high ponytails which can sway up and down to arise possible risks.

Tip2: Don't Forget Wet Look

As you exercise, your hair could be deprived of natural moisture and becomes very rough and frizzy. One friendly reminder is to spay some moisturized leave-in conditioner to nourish so as to keep its natural luster and texture.

Tip3: Blow Dry Your Hair Properly

After you have taken a shower after workouts, remember to blow dry your hair but not in a rush to do so, first let your hair lay down naturally and blow with normal temperature then turn it up to the moderate 160 Celsius degrees.

Tip4: Protect Your Hair from Strong Sunlight Outdoors

When you are working out outdoors, strongly suggest you wear a cap to guard the hair from strong sunshine, or spray a UV-Proof spray beforehand.



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