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How To Maintain A Body Wave Hair?

Many customers who have bought our products will ask us: How to maintain the body wave hair? The maintain method is quite easy and in this blog I will show you in details.

1.What You Should Do Before Wash

You’d better comb it gently to make it more smooth before washing it.Iron or Steel comb is necessary to use but not plastic comb in order to avoid tearing off the hairline(especially the curly human hair). Comb the tail first and then down from the top to tail, this can clear the dirt and make the hair clean.

2.How To Soak

Soaking in the warm water(temperature is 20-25℃ )or cold water for about 5 minutes is easier to clean it.

3.How To Wash

Add the shampoo into the water and rub it gently with your hands or use the pressing method.It will be perfect if the conditioner is used together.

4.How To Dry

Imbibe water gently with one or two dry towels then place it indoors to dry it in the air naturally, and avoid the sun’s high-temperature exposure to damaging it.Remember not to dry with a hair dryer.

5.How To Dry

Please do not comb it immediately after cleaning them, but comb it when it is dry totally to avoid damage it.It’s not necessary to comb the wavy human hair, like body wave, natural wave, deep wave or curly human hair.

6.How To Care

Do not strain to prevent breaking it when the hair is tangled, you can spray some special hair liquid first and then comb it.

7.How To Preserve

You’d better keep your lovely hair into a box or breathable plastic bag, you can also wear it on mannequin head to keep the style if it will be not used for a long time.

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