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How To Wear A Wig Step By Step ?

As We all know, a great wig can give you confidence and a different shiny look. However, not everyone knows how to put on a wig and make it look naturalImagine what will happen if your wig looks unnatural? It'll throw off your entire look and therefore you are looking like a hot mess.

So today we are going to show you how to put on a wig step by step.

Things You'll Need:

- Got2b Glued Hair Gel

- Blow Dryer

- A Bandana


1.Shampoo hair conditions in natural hair and make braids

Tips: You can just pin it up when making braids seems too difficult to you.

Split into 2 sections and pin in place to secure.


2.Place black or nude wig cap on top of the hair to flatten and prep for the wig!

Tips: Make sure all the hair is pinned back and the hairline is completely exposed.


3.Apply tape/ adhesive /glue to hairline.

Tips: Pin hair away from the lace to keep clean when applying adhesive.


4.Dont  forget about the combs inside of the wig cap.

The combs inside of the wig will secure them underneath the wig cap and the back  ones would secure the back of the nape of the neck. 


5.Allow to dry!

Tips:Tie a bandana around the wig to keep it very secure in place as starts to blow-dry and style it,which really keeps it locked and loaded.


6.Style to your liking!

Tips: Use heat tools for Human Hair Wigs,not on Synthetic!


So thats all the steps to put on a wig, then there you will get a brand new gorgeous look. 


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