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Why Water Wave Hair So Popular?

The water wave loose curl makes it very easy to blend with your own hair. And it can easily fit many face types. Why Women Love Brazilian Water Wave Hair? With its soft S-shaped and C-shaped coils, it has great versatility and you can curl, straighten, perm your water wave bundles quite easily, and it is very easy for styling and give you many styling options. Once in a while, I get tired of my own hair. When this happens, I would try hair extensions for beautiful hair styles. My favorite go-to style is water wave hair. I have tried numerous hair textures, but it is  the best crochet braid choice by far and Water Wave bundles has the best texture.

1.Best Longevity

The reason I choose water wave is that it has the best longevity. This texture is your tropical getaway in the form of loose, carefree curly bundles. For Water Wave, the longer I keep the hair installed, the better it looks.

2.Natural and Nice Hair Ends

It gives more fullness in the root and tapers/ gets thinner towards the ends for a more natural or realistic effect. Hair is usually thick in the roots naturally. Otherwise, it would be too full at the ends. Also, the ends of Modern Show water wave bundles also looks beautiful, and gives a natural and thick looks.

3.Good Quality and Beautiful Hair

I strong recommend Modern Show water wave hair. This hair type give your a very beautiful wavy pattern and use 100% virgin remy hair. This hair is perfect for adding hair volume and give a fresh look of your appearance.

4.How to Choose-Color

I always try to install hair that matches my natural hair color because when all my new growth starts come in, it blends with the installed hair and it is hard to tell the difference between my hair and virgin hair. The water wave hair of Modern Show is 100% virgin hair, you can color it or style it into your desired look. It is also a great hair that looks great even through my 4-5 days of working out.

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