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Modern Show Graduation Season Sales 2022

The 2022 graduation season is coming. A party or a ceremony to celebrate the happiness of students' graduation is a necessary doing, based on many students' needs, Modern Show Hair are providing a big promotion, and the sales will last to the ends of June.

2022 Graduation Deason Sale Details

1. Big Discount

 ** Side-wide Directly Save Up To $200 Off, No Code
Extra $8 Off Over $100,  Code: GCS8
Extra $16 Off Over $199,Code: GCS16

 2. Give-away

Order Over $350, Get 1 Free Ponytail (8”-18”)          Code: FreePonytail
Order Over $500, Get 1 Free U Part Wig (10”-18”)   Code: FreeUwig

Graduation to all students is a great thing, so everyone is paying a high attention to this graduation. In order to celebrate with a perfect appearance, you should to prepare clothes, shose, cap, makeup and hairs, if you want to take some great memorable photos, you also need to prepare some props. Today we are sharing some recommended hair for your choice.

 1. 13x6 Transparent Lace Front Wig

13x6 transparent lace wig is a most welcomed hair by most of girls, because it looks more natural with pre plucked hairline and long parting space. The invisible lace color melt your skin very well, and almost no one can tell you are wearing a wig.

 2. Straight V Part Wig

If you like a full straight hair look, this v part wig is a good choice, because it is 180% density, and it has a full volume of hair, besides, its v part design allows you to show your own hair with your real scalp, which will looks more natural and real.

3. Colored Hair Wig

If you are looking for a new fashion hair look that different with others, then you can choose to wear a colored wig. we have many different colored hair wigs for your choice.

 4. Ponytail Hair

If you like a simple easy hairstyle, a quick ponytail hairstyle will be a great choice. It will only take you 3-5 minutes to install it, what's more it is very affordable, and you even can buy 3-5 different texture ponytails to change your hair style.


 If there's no any hair you like, you can view our Modern Show Hair Offical Website Store to see more hair.

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