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What Must You Know When Buying A Wig?

There are many factors you need to consider before choosing the type of wig you want. Firstly you will need to know your face shape, the color of your skin if you want to match it. Now comes the pricing of the wig, remember the prices highly depend on how good the quality is.

  • The Size - When purchasing a wig, it is important to know the circumference of the wearer’s head and find a wig that will match closely to the size. It is best to get a slightly smaller wig as long as it can stretch. Lace wigs are more stretchable and over time, will become loose. Therefore, choosing a wig with a slightly smaller circumference will help in terms of fitting.
  • Type Of Hair - When choosing a wig style, your personal preference is a must if you are the one wearing it. If you got an oval-shaped face you can choose any type of wig you want. Round shaped faces should avoid full-length wigs to suit your face.
  • The Color Of The Wig - You must be aware about your hair-color in case you are looking for a wig that matches your original hair-color, If you want a different color wig you should decide in advance about the hair-color you want. Women with dark complexions and eyes can go with dark-colored wigs as it mostly suits them but this is not always the case. Women with lighter skin can go for brown and lighter wigs.
  • Hair Quality - The quality of the hair is also important to know when purchasing a wig. If the wearer is prone to styling their wig in many different ways, such as heating tools, it is best to get higher quality hair such as Chinese hair to withstand the damage of the heat. If the wearer plans on dying the wig, again, a strong dense hair type is best.
  • Lifestyle  - Lifestyle is important to consider when purchasing a wig. If the wearer is living a very active lifestyle, the longevity of the wig will lessen over time in which the wearer will have to decide if it is appropriate to remove the wig every night or before strenuous activities to avoid causing unnecessary damage to the hair.
  • Budget - Understanding the wearer's budget will also help in deciding which wig would best be suited. If the wearer is worried about cost over time, helping them decide in purchasing a wig that will last long (although may be costly at first) can help stay within their budget over a year's time.

 Hope this article will help you. If you have any question, please freely contact us or leave us your comment.

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