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What Size Wig Do I Need???

In the previous blog, I've told you about the free service offered by our company to make hair bundles and a closure or frontal into a full-head wig, and we can make customized wig according to the wig size, specific density and hair styles you desire. Then comes the question, how do I know what size wig do I need? In this article, follow me, I will show you in details.

In general, the size of a wig or net cap can be divided into 6 portions, each of which is offered in average size, our wigs usually come with elastic adjustment Velcro straps  to secure and better fit by around 6 inch, also there are 4 combs sewed in front, back and both ears to secure. The following is the accurate size:

net cap size human hair

 Basically, we will opt for a cloth tape to measure to guarantee the maximum  accuracy. Place the tape at the middle of forehead at the hairline, then run the tape around the head, behind the ear, around the nape of the neck, behind the other ear and then back to the front at the hairline.

There are no exactly the same two leaves under the world, either for human's head although most will fit in the average size. But if by a scant chance yours is a little bit too big or small, I would suggest you purchasing 3 or 4 bundles with a closure or frontal to make a customized wig for perfect fit. Our website has launched TOTALLY FREE SERVICE FOR MAKING CUSTOMIZED WIG,click through to learn it for more, also, you can ENJOY BUY 3 BUNDLES GET FREE CLOSURE,here's the procedures you may need:

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