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Which One Is Better, Curly Hair Or Straight Hair ?

For the traditional, most people like straight human hair, especially for older people, almost all of them think straight human hair looks very tiny and easy to take care of. But I know a lot of people have straight hair, but they want curly human hair. You would say that whatever you believe it or not, people are always hungry for what they don't have. Is that true? Let’s see.



* The older people prefer straight hair 

* The reason for older people prefer straight hair 

* Younger people trend to accept their natural hair 

* The reason for curly human hair have popular

* The reason people have straight hair like curly hair

The Older People Prefer Straight Hair 

Most people who have curly hair are lack of self-confidence or ashamed for their naturally curly hair for their parents' perspective, because most of their parents think the curly human hair symbolize ambition and coarseness, so their parents tell them the curly human hair is bad, the straight hair is beautiful and tiny, and you had better have straight hair from your childhood.   

The Reason For Older People Prefer Straight Hair 

There are so many reasons their parents form this idea. On one hand, the curly human hair is different to take care of. It is easy to happen that curly hair ties a knot, and the long hair is not easy to comb properly especially the 3c and 4c human hair, It's easier to hide dirt, and it is not easy to clean. and dandruff, oil, itchy head, and other problems plague them and consume their daily lives, they also face their natural curly hair can not longer which sticks to the hair scalp, even it is easy to breeding hair lice in the past time. Many people have beautiful curly hair, who just could make their hair keep straight or natural by an expensive chemical agent that may be harmful to their health or just wrap their hair in cloth, or even cut their natural curly short though they love curly hair weave. On the other hand, almost all hairstylists just are trained how to care and styling for straight hair. So they don’t know how to care about curly human hair, and how to styling the curly hair, so it is usually messy or unsatisfying when the people in curly hair come out of the barbershop.

Younger People Tend To Accept Their Natural Hair 

But now, many things seem to have been salved when more and more needs of the people who have curly hair are perceived. The new young people more and more confident about their looking and hair and many hair salons see a business opportunity of virgin curly human hair. They begin to study the special care skills of the curly hair and producing more suitable for curly hair care fluid. At the same time, many famous stylists create a more and more popular curly hairstyle. With Mature hair care techniques and good-looking and abundant hairstyle, curly hair have become more and more popular, and more and more people like curly hair.

curly hair bundles

The Reason For Curly Human Hair Have Popular

The high price tag, long maintenance time, and short styling duration are other problems though today there are many professional care products and stylists, We all have a different thing to do every day, and we have not enough time and money on our curly hair when curly human hair is a good choice at this moment. Curly human hair is popular for it can simplify the steps and save your money on your hair. You needn’t spend a lot of time and money to take care of your messy curly hair or styling. Curly human hair is similar to your natural hair, which is easy to wear, and looks natural and wears comfortable. It can continue to wear more than 12 months if you take good care of it, which is so cheap compare for styling your hair on a hair salon, Whatever you like curly human hair or straight human hair, there are plenty of videos on Instagram and YouTube to tell you how to take care of it, how to wear it and how to style it. So the question is where should you buy curly human hair? You can buy curly human hair at an online shopping store. Modern Show Hair is the best place to buy the curly human hair and curly hair bundles you want. 100% virgin human hair weave, and 3-5 days free shipping, there are gifts for you, so what are you waiting for? virgin hair human hair

The Reason People Have Straight Hair Like Curly Human Hair

Besides that, many people have straight hair, but they like curly human hair because the curly human hair looks very full and shiny, it can almost set off all kinds of faces, and it makes your whole face look more three-dimensional, and curly hair can give people at will and happy, it can create all kinds of hairstyle, so more and more women who have straight hair want a husband who has a curly hair, because they want a curly hair baby.  when you have straight hair and you want curly human hair, you can dye your natural hair, but if you don’t want to destroy your natural hair at all, you can buy curly human hair on our website. Modern Show Hair offer 100% human hair weave, Remy hair, virgin hair, wigs, bundles with closure or frontal, dreadlocks. If you need anything about human hair, welcome to You would get factory price, best quality, and superior service. Shop now! curly human hair extension So whatever curly hair or straight hair you have, it doesn’t affect your beauty, don’t believe that the curly hair women are ugly or the straight hair women are ugly. Accept your beauty! That is what I want to say about curly hair and straight hair, what are your opinions? Please post them in the content area. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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