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Can Modern Show Hair Water Wave Wig Be Straightened?

Most of girls have their human hair wigs. Some like Body Wave WIg, Straight Wig, Curly Wigs, Water Wave Wigs, And so on...

But the human virgin hair are not cheap so that most of them can not have all the styles they like. Sometimes we want to have the loose wave style, sometimes we want to try water wave, of course sometimes we would like to have the straight hair style But we don’t have so much money to buy all of them. At this time, we need a good hair which can be restyled.

We highly recommend our Water Wave Wig, because its quality is very great, and the curl pattern is very pretty,what's more, we can restyled it. For example, we can straighten it, we can steam it to the loose wave, deep wave, kinky curly.

If we want to try another color, but we don’t have money to buy more either, we also can dyed our natural black hair to the another color. But not all of the hair can be dyed, only the high quality one can do. And not all colors we can dye for the human virgin hair wigs. Most of the human hair wigs can be dyed into the dark color instead of the light color. And if your wig is not the high quality human hair, plz don’t try to steam or dye it, because you will burn your hair if it is made from synthetic material or the low quality human hair.

There are still some useful tips for straighten your water wave hair. Before straighten it, please use the big teeth comb to brush it and make it smooth. And then put them on the flat table and use the professional machine to straighten it.

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