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Does Your Hair Get Damaged? Check It Out Here!

We all know we should treat your hair products well just like our own hair, and if under good taken care of, the lifespan can extend into 3-4 years or much longer. But how to tell whether your hair has got damaged and need urgent remedy? In this blog,  follow me to reveal and do something about it right now before it is too late!

Here are a list of questions based on display of hair products, the points for options for each question will go down from 4 to none,check it out yourself!(P.S.: It doesn’t take into account environmental or dietary factors, just an rough indication of where there might be issues due to heat, chemicals or over manipulation.)

1 How Often Do You Wash Your Hair?

A:Once A Week Or More Often

B:Every Two Weeks

C:Once A Month

D:Less Often Than Once A Month

2 Do You Often Trim Your Hair?

A: Every Couple Of Months

B: A Couple Times A Year

C: Occasionally


3 Do You Bleach Or Color Your Hair Often?

 A: Every Month

B: Every Couple Of Months



4 How Often Do You Style Your Hair With Heat Styling Tools?


B:A Few Times A Week

C:A Couple Times A Month


5 Does Your Hair Have Split Ends After A Period Of Use?

A: Often

B: Every Couple Of Months

C: Occasionally


6 How Do You Feel When You Run Your Fingers From Hair Top To Hair Bottom After Washing Several Times?

A: Smooth




7 Does Your Hair Tangle Or Shed Terribly A Few Months Later?

A: Yes, but still tolerant

B: Yes, a certain amount

C: Yes, pretty much


So how many points have you got? If your points are 15 minus, I would suggest you consult with professional hair stylist for advice and makeup solutions before things turning worse, also,you can drop your questions below and I will help you.





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