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How To Care For Sew In Weaves?

Sew-in hair weaves are a great protective style. For those who have natural hair and are looking for ways to keep their hair protected, nourished as well as reduce the need to style it, this is a good option. Sew-in human hair weaves can be done to different styles as long as you choose the weave of choice.

Installing them is straightforward and they can stay in for a long period of time as long as you know how to take care of the weave. Follow these tips on proper ways to care for your weave that’ll protect it and even help promote fullness and length!


What You Will Need

  • Natural oil
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Towel

Regular Cleaning Sew-in Weaves

When you are wearing a weave you still need to cleanse your hair regularly. Diluting the shampoo in the applicator bottle will allow you to remove it easier. Gently massage with the sew-in hair weave. In order to prevent matting and tangling. Wash the weave starting from top to bottom by gently massaging the shampoo into the weave.

Deep Conditioning Sew-in Weaves

It is important that you condition your sew-in weave, especially with curly hair sew-in weave. Conditioning helps with tangling, define curl pattern (if any), and adds moisture to the hair.

Drying Sew-in Weaves

Pat your hair dry after getting out of the shower, because rubbing it dry with a towel with roughen the hair cuticles and cause messy hair shafts. Always allow your hair weave to dry before you go to bed; sleeping on wet hair extensions can damage them.

Daily Moisture

We must provide extreme amounts of moisture to our hair on a daily basis. Being that we had a wet and wavy style, we sprayed an activator-like spray on the weave daily after wetting our entire head in the shower. So, moisture was never a problem. In fact, we had too much moisture and not enough protein as stated earlier. If you are wearing hair that is not wet and wavy and you wish to keep it dry, you must use a moisturizer that will not wet your hair, but still get the job done.

Styling Sew-in Weaves

Style your hair carefully. When tangling your hair after a shower, start with the bottom of the extension and work your way up to reduce pulling at the hair. Never perm or color hair extensions on your own. If you want another style or color, your stylist can sew in extensions that already have the style and color you want. Use heated styling tools sparingly to prevent extensions from becoming dry and brittle.

Natural Oils Sew-in Weaves

After the cleansing and conditioning, you need to seal in the moisture with an oil. Some naturals like to oil their scalp, so if you prescribe that then place a few drops of your favorite natural oil on your fingertips and run them along with your scalp in between the sew-in weave tracks.

Maintaining Sew-in Weaves

We worry that our hair may not keep its style throughout the day so you carry in your handbag a collection of combs and tools to attack the hair with every 30 minutes without realizing. Stop it! Stop brushing it so much, stop running your hands through it all the time just leave it alone and let it look pretty.


For short to medium styles with straight hair:

1. Brush out any tangles or knots with a wide tooth comb.

2. Use a light moisturizer to re-hydrate the hair.

3. Use a moisturizer on the nape and edges of your hair, if you have any hair out, be

    sure to gently moisturize that and try to reach your scalp at least twice a week.

4. Wrap the sewn-in hair weave in a circular motion using a paddle brush around the

    head and secure with pins if necessary.

5. Secure with a silk or satin scarf or tight satin bonnet and will give your body wave

    hair and protect the style while you sleep.


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