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How To Become Our VIP Member and Redeem Gifts

In order to develop closer relationship with our loyal customers, we have come up with VIP membership system. In this article, I'm gonna show you how to become our VIP Member and redeem gifts:

How To Become Our VIP Member?

1 Register on our website to claim 500 membership points.

   Note:100 points can get 1 dollar off your order

2 Place an order on our website,each dollar equals 1 point

   Note:100 points can deduct 1dollar off your next order

How To Redeem Gifts:

For anyone who has ever placed an order on our website, click the pic above to learn more, just follow 3 steps:

1 Choose your favorite gift number and keep in mind

2 Contact with our online customer service and tell her your shipping information

   and your favorite gift number to document

3 Free gifts will be sent out for completely free

Any more doubt, please contact with online customers service.


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