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How To Make Hair Curly Without Any Products?


Curly hair is a popular and welcomed hair texture by girls, but it is not easy to maintain and take care.Most customers ask us how to take care of curly hair or how to make hair curly. Today we will tell you how to make hair curly without chemicals or damaging heat:

  1. When you wet wash your hair, avoid using shampoo formulations or rinse out conditioners which make the hair too soft.
    - In order to encourage natural curl formation it’s essential that your hair have enough grip to form waves or curls. When hair is too soft any texture will fall right out.
    - If you need a rinse out conditioner for your hair, only apply it to the target areas where you need it and avoid over conditioning.
  2. Finish any wet washing session with a cool/cold water rinse which helps close the cuticle and encourage the formation of texture in the hair.
  3. Gently accordion squeeze all excess moisture out of hair so that any curl enhancing styling products you apply will not be watered down and rendered less effective.
  4. Use a 100% all cotton clean t-shirt, towel or similar to remove excess moisture without damage to delicate strands.
  5. Apply a styling cocktail which includes a texture enhancing mousse, cream, spray or gel to your hair.
  6. Set hair in old fashioned clean rag curlers, clean Popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners or straws for tight ringlets. Allow hair to completely air dry.
    Remove curlers, sticks, straws or similar for instant ringlets.
  7. Apply styling products and set entire head in pin curls.
    The smaller the pin curls, the more texture you will have.
  8. Use old fashioned foam or adhesive style hair rollers. Set entire head of hair on rollers.
    The smaller the roller, the tighter the hair. Allow hair to completely air dry.
  9. If you don’t have time to air dry, apply a heat protection spray to your styling cocktail.
    - Use a blow dry with a long finger diffuser attachment Work on small -sections of your hair and dry with the hair in the cup of the diffuser.
    - Use the coolest and slowest setting to encourage the most curl or wave formation.
    - When you use a blow dryer with a long finger diffuser and use a slow/cool or cold setting, there will be almost no damage to the hair.
  10. If you have a hood or bonnet hair dryer, you can set your hair in a variety of finger rolled pin curls, ringlets or similar or apply hair rollers.
    If you sit under a hood or bonnet dryer set on a slow and cool setting, you will have very little if any damage to the hair.
  11. Separate hair on the entire head into small equal sections. Braid damp hair into tight three strand braids.
    - Allow hair to completely air dry or sit under a hood or bonnet dryer set on cool/cold air with low speed.
    - Allow hair to completely dry and set. Remove braids and use fingers to gently arrange hair.
    - Expect waves rather than curls since braids tend to create those hair patterns.

Keep in mind that braids tend to create waves rather than curls. If you want curls or ringlets your best option is rag, stick, straw, pin or roller wet sets.

Hope all these tips can help you. Any more better suggestions, please freely leave us comments.

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