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How To Protect Your Own Hair While In A Protective Style?

A lot of people often ask me how to protect their natural hair healthy while rocking a protective style wig. I will quickly run through a quick tutorial of how to protect your natural hair and install a wig on top of it with minimal breakage.

1. Seal in moisture throughout the duration of your protective style.
I am guilty of spraying my hair down, trying to shrink it as much as possible, and then putting a wig cap over it. This sometimes causes breakage and lumpiness when wearing a wig. Make sure you continuously moisturize your hair in preparation of wearing a wig. I use the Thickening moisture mist because it does not give cause scalp build-up, it's moisturizing, and the ingredients prevent breakage. It's also convenient to seal with because of being in a spray bottle.

2. Flat twist with your part in mind.

I flat twist my hair to make sure all of the ends are sealed and tucked away, so they cannot come out. I also make sure that I braid keeping my part in mind. For this style since I want a middle part, I twisted around my middle part so I don't have to worry about messing with my wig during the week.

3. Get a wig cap that fits.
If you can find a spandex cap that securely fits your head, that is important. Today I am wearing a taupe one, but usually I like to wear a black one. I keep my front edges out and then push back or cover any other hair. wig comes with two clamps on either side by the ears as well as a clamp in the middle. It also has an adjustable band. I did not secure the band in the back. That will bring more attention to the side clamps by my ears.

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