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How To Tint The Lace Of A Lace Wig?

Human Hair Lace Wig is very popular and useful in our femail's daily life, because wearing a lace wig will make us look more beautiful and natural, it makes the hair look very real on our head. However, we all know that it is very frustrating to get a lace wig, closure or frontal which doesn't blend well or match your skin tone. Most stock lace wig, closures or frontals are sold with light brown lace. There is a very practical reason behind this. Light brown lace can always be tinted darker so this is why this color is usually the default color in most lace color options. So what you could do to darken the lace color while the lace color is darker. The answer is LACE TINTNG PROCESS.

Here I summarized 4 lace tinting methods for your reference.

Method 1

The tinting products: permanent fabric dye


Adore Semi-Permanent Hair color 

#048 Honey Brown  


Clairol beautiful collection color

  darkest brown



a. Pour half of boiled water into a clear bowl and fill the bowl with cool water so that you are still get a hot situation just not hot enough to leave peel your skin.

Highly recommend the honey brown because this shade is the one shade in the ADORE collection that fits almost virtually every skin tone. Use a couple of drops and then a couple drops of Clairol beautiful collection color.

Put in a bit of regular table salt and mix it in there to preserve the red tone.

倒黑东西.png 倒白东西.png


b. Please try and keep as much lace on the wig as possible because we want to use tester strip first. And dip the lace in there for about 10 minutes.

浸泡01.png  浸泡.png

c. The time letting it sit in there depends on how much color you want to take. If you do not need that much tone, sit in there maybe 2 to 5 minutes. If you want a good dark tone, set 10 minutes, may be 20 minutes in dark.

d. Next you need to wash the lace closure, lace frontal or 360 lace wigs thoroughly with cool water to allow the color to set in. You can use any shampoo and conditioner of your choice for this step. The water will run brown at first but this is normal. After washing and conditioning, simply let the hair air dry.



Method 2

The tinting products: lace tint spray


Best when applied to wet lace - you should spray tint all over the back side of the lace piece. You may let it air dry for a few minutes or you may blow dry the back side for a few seconds. Once it has dried, you may style as desired.



Depending on how many coats you use you can get a variety of shades with your one bottle of lace tint. For richer color apply multiple coats. You can also mix tint sprays for specific shade.


Method 3

The tinting products: black tea bags


a.Get probably like a pack of 10 or 20 black tea bags without any other types of tea mixed with it.

b.Throw the tea bags in the boiled water pot. You want to press tea bags continuously to get the color out.  After that, take the tea bags out and let the tea brew for 2 minutes so that it becomes richer and darker.

c.Test the temperature especially when you are tinting the lace on something is not virgin hair. Leave the lace in there for 10 minutes. Be sure to check after every couple minutes to see the color, if you like the way that it looks, just take it out.

d.Wash it thoroughly with shampoo and also condition the hair. You need to make sure that you wash it well enough so that you do not smell the black tea on your lace closures, frontals, human hair lace front wigs or full lace wigs afterward.

Method 4

The tinting products: air brush legs light glow



Sally Hansen airbrush leg spray in color deep glow


* Shake well

Spray directly onto lace

Blend evenly and completely

* Allow to set for 60 seconds


Tinting lace will give you a natural look with lace closure, lace frontal, or lace wig. One important thing is that no matter which method you are using, you need to bleach knots firstly. In case you get those nasty orange roots that sometimes happen, tinting will color the lace back to a natural color.

Tinting lace does take time and practice to make it perfect, especially to those wig beginners. So here I recommend the Invisible and Undetectable Swiss Lace wigs which does not allow any customization and efforts at all. Those wigs are ready to go fresh out of the box. Our Super Fine Invisible Swiss Lace creates the perfect illusion of hair growing directly out your scalp. They can be used with or without adhesive and parted in any direction for a natural look.

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