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How To Wear A Quick Wrap Around Ponytail Hair Extensions?

Ponytails are a timeless hairstyle. Whether it's summer and you want your hair off your face or you're off to a glam party, the classic ponytail never disappoints. 

Recently many of our customers asked us how to wear a wrap around ponytail, so today we are here to share some steps on installing a wrap around ponytail.

Step 1:

Divide your hair into several sections, and straighten your own hair with flat iron. 

Step 2:

Use a hot comb to straighten and fix the front edges hair. Then part your front hair into a side part like a swoop bangs. ( If you don't like a swoop ponytail hairstyle, you can skip this step。)

Step 3:

Spray some got 2 glue on your hair, and comb your hair into back. Make sure you hair are smooth, flat and without flowing hair.

Step 4: 

Blow your hair with a hair dryer to make your hair dry faster.

Step 5:

Tie up your hair for now, and fix the rest hair in the side and front with glue and comb.

Step 6:

 Comb the swoop hair into back and mix with the hair in back .

Step 7:

Tie all the hair together and braid it into a braid.

Step 8:

 Take out your ponytail, and clip your ponytail into your braid.

Step 9: 

Use the extra pieces of hair to wrap around the braid, there's a velcro tape to make the ponytail more stable. Spray some hair glue on the end of hair, and fix the ends.

Step 10:

Your finished your doing, here's the final look of the wrap around ponytail hair.

After reading this blog, you may know how to install a ponytail correctly. If you still have problem or any other question, please freely contact us, and we are ready to help you at any time. 


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