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How To Style My Wig?

Human Hair Wig is more and more popular and welcomed by women, and girls are cashing more hairstyles in their daily life. So how should we style our wig is a problem, today we'd like to share some tips on stying wigs,hope it can be helpful to you.

* Style your wig when it’s completely dry. You can use a chin strap to secure the wig on your head. This gives you the freedom to use both hands and you can see the wig frame and your face as you style.

* You can also style a wig on a blockhead. With this accessory, you can easily see all sides of the wig. This is especially helpful if you have difficulty in reaching up or back to comb your wig.

Styling begins with proper brushing. This wakes up the fibers. Use short lifting strokes with a wig brush on styles with tight curls, waves or soft curls. For wigs that are smooth and straight, use the wig brush in long, even strokes. For longer wigs that have ringlet curls, use a pic comb or your fingers in lifting movements.

If you want more height on any style, first brush in the opposite direction of the style and then smooth the fibers into the desired shape.

* When your style your wig, you may want to use wig spray.

There are two methods of spraying today's wigs. Using the traditional method, lightly mist the entire wig. Start at the back and spray forward, keeping the can 12 inches away from your head. Maintaining this distance prevents the wig from becoming overly wet. Switch hands halfway through to help you remain at the proper distance.

The latest methods give you a softer, more natural look. Hold the can about six inches away from your head. Now separate the wig fibers with your fingers and direct the spray at the roots. This holds the base of the style firm while the ends remain soft and loose.

With either method, don't brush or touch your wig when it’s wet from spray. It will ruin the preset style.

Some days your wig may only need to be slightly touched up. With a pic comb or brush, give height to flattened areas or reposition your curl. Lightly spritz wig conditioner on dry spots or all over your wig to revitalize the style.

If you like wig spray, use it after the conditioner has dried and only on the areas that you touched up. If you allow a lot of spray to build up, your wig will need to be washed too often.

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