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360 Lace Wigs VS 370 Lace Wigs

360 lace wig is relatively favored by the market recently,right? Fine, take a breath, let it flow for a while, coz we know the wind of hair trend never blow to the same direction, here comes our new fashion babe 370 LACE WIG, so what’s 370 lace wig? What’s the difference between 360 lace wig and 370 lace wig?What’s the pros and cons of 370 lace wig?which one should I choose? I’ll tell you in this article.

First, it’s about the construction or craftsmanship of 370 lace wig, actually its net cap is almost the same as 360 lace wig(including 360 full lace wig), hand-stitched lace aroung the circumstance, while leaving the top machine-made, the major difference lies in the parting length with 360 of 4 inch deep while 370 of 6 inch deep, so if you’re looking for a more parting space for multiple style options, then pick 370 lace wig, but remember updos, ponytails or half up half down styles are all achievable for both 360 lace wig and 370 wig.

Second is hair density difference. Although hair factories offer various hair density to choose from but the seeming density may have a little bit variation owing to the parting size. For 360 lace wig, the parting section is smaller than 370 lace wig which allows more space for installation of post human hair extensions to make a fuller look and even for the same hair length, weight and texture, it will appear to have more hair volume than 370 lace wig. But if you can buy hair bundles and closure to make a wig yourself, you can still put more hair in the top section to look more volume.

Then comes to the price difference, since 370 lace wig has a deeper parting length which involves hand-tied craftsmanship so the price could be a little bit higher than that of 360 wig.

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