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5 Recommended Modern Show Hair Products In April

Wearing human hair wigs or human hair weaves is a fashion trend, and ladies' needs on hair are diverse. In order to meet more and more ladies' needs on hair, hair vendors are always trying to produce all kinds of new fashion hair products for customers to select. As a well-known seller with top brand ( Modern Show Hair ) and long hair history, We are alwaysing pursuing good quality and cost-effective human hair products, and offer more options to our customers. If you used our hair before, you would know how great our hair was. If you are new to us, then it is time to try our hair now, and you will fall in love with our hair.

In this article, we'd like to recommend 5 good human hair products,they are very popular and good selling hairs in our modern show hair store. 

1. Highlight Straight Human Hair Wig.

The highlight human hair wigs is mixed with color 4 hair and color 27 hair, and the lace size is devided into 13x4 and 13x6x1. very affordable and quality fashion colored wig, If you are looking for a colored wig, then this wig will be a good choice.

2.  Straight Human Hair Lace Front Wig.

Silky straight human hair lace front wig is a long-time trending and many woman are exuding beauty with confidence after wearing the straight hair wig. No matter when and where, straight hair can be a charming hair style.


3. Brazilian Water Wave Lace Front Human Hair Wigs

The water wave hair usually looks fuller and more pretty than body wave hair and straight hair, besides,it is has less issues than curly hair, what's more, it is easier to maintain and care. If you want straight hair style, you can straighten it, and after you wash it, the curl pattern can easily come back. So this water wave hair wig is a best recommended hair.


4. Human Hair Headband Wig

In reality, emotions greatly influence and even determine our decisions. A product that is an actual problem solver is more likely to be popular. Customers will highly recommend products that are useful and effectively solve a specific problem for them.

The reason why headband wig is more and more welcomed by customers is that it can help to cover our hair loss, and it is easy to wear and take off. It is really a quick hairstyle for women who doesn't have too much time to wear a lace wig. What's more, it is very cheap on a good quality wig. So the headband wig is the best option for those who doesn't have full enough budget.


5.  4x4 Lace Closure Wig ( Buy 1 Get 1)

Lace closure wig is a cost-effective human hair lace wig, since its lace size is 4x4, so its price is not as expensive as the 13x4 lace frontal wig, but you still can do a middle part hair look with natural looking hairline. So if your budget is tight, but want a real natural looking hair, the 4x4 lace closure wig will be a good option.


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