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Top 7 Halloween Makeup You Should Try

The footsteps of Halloween is even closer, have you got prepared for this scary and exciting party? Here's the list of top 10 Halloween makeup you should experience at this special moment, let's check it out together.

 No.1 Bright Green Vampire

@linabugz Vampire has long been the leading role of Halloween, bright green hair, dark purple posion along with smudged eyeshaow combines a perfect look.

No.2 Classic Castle Bat Queen

@linabugz Purple hair with bright teeth along with orange outline, you love me? but it's dangerous and threatening.

No3.Copper Zombie

@glassjawbabe Zombie is always been favored for both Asia and America, stiff eyes, cold and copper skin, gulf down the prey in an instant, it has freaked me out!

No.4 Bloody Ghost

@tijerarayemua Before I could describe anything about the image,I've already wet my pants at one single glimpse of it? Am I still alive? Oops. Thanks God.

No.5 Witch's Secrets

@aninha Don't get too curious and stay where you should be, or you will know...The flowing twists from the deep eyeballs go directly towards your heart, do not ever say anything, just obey the rules, you should have know better than that, mystery has always been the core of Halloween.

No.6 Contrast Color

@laurenrohrer Contrast color has always developed a striking and sharp impression, just think about the orange red lips along with blue skin,wow.

No.7 Spectacular Cool Design

@cakefacerj Halloween is not a specific moment for horrible look but also a precious chance for you to try out different looks you wont wear usually. This 3D bubble bath look is fabulous and enticing,right?

Good makeup always needs a perfect match, that's eye-catching hair styles. Our website will hold a Halloween Promotion from 16th,Oct. till 1st,Nov.,click for more information, if you have got any question, feel free to drop comments.

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