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What's Raw Hair & Virgin Hair

When I am communicating with my customers, they would send me inquires “Is your hair virgin hair” “Is your raw hair” or similar questions like that, so have you ever got confused about the stuff, someone would pop up probably and say “Huhuh, Is there any difference in between?” It’s a tough problem to tackle, but let’s do it!

No.1 Hair Source: Raw Hair VS Virgin Hair

By definition strictly, raw hair means the hair that’s cut directly from one single young and healthy donor, the name of which relies fully on the hair source, mainly from India(usually in light colors), Vietnam(straight texture is a bomb ) and Cambodia(popular body or curly styles). Let’s take an example, a raw Indian hair signifies it’s from Indian donors definitely, and the genuine Vietnamese hair comes from Vietnam so on and so forth while virgin hair doesn’t guarantee the resource from its name. For instance, a virgin peruvian hair doesn’t need to be collected from Peru and a virgin brazilian hair isn’t from Brazil either. There’re three major types of virgin hair on the current market, Virgin Peruvian Hair(thicker, coaser and durable), Virgin Brazilian Hair(lighter, shiny and silky) and Virgin Malaysian Hair(heavier, softer and silkier).

No2. Hair Processing: Raw Hair VS Virgin Hair

A raw hair is just as what tells from its name, raw, unprocessed 100%,not even steaming process which virgin hair has involved, let alone ANY chemical processing such as bleaching, perming, ironning, dyeing or other restyling procedures but with a rigorous sanitizing process.

No.3 Hair Quality: Raw Hair VS Virgin Hair

Since the Raw hair hasn’t gone through chemical, heat or steaming procedures, the hair cuticles stay intact, lined up towards the same direction so the hair can keep natural luster and shine against sunlight, available for varieties of restyling options like bleaching, dyeing, curling, straightening and lasts into several years. Needless to say, the hair quality of raw human hair is the top notch on the market. While virgin hair is also great in quality except that it has gone through steaming process to make diversified charming and exotic hair patterns such as body wave, loose wave , Italian wave, natural wave, ocean wave, Spanish curls, Kinky curl or straight and so on with soft and silkier handfeeling. Besides, virgin hair bundles look identical to one another so it is effortless for sew-in weaves or wigs and maintenance.

No.4 Hair Color&Texture: Raw Hair VS Virgin Hair

Raw hair usually comes in natural colors resulting from non-chemical-process invovled and has two types of textures: straigtht and natural wave. Morover, no bundles are looking identical to each other although the material is the same. Although virgin hair also has limited natural colors to choose from but it can develop kinds of hair patterns listed above.

No.5 Hair Price: Raw Hair VS Virgin Hair

Prices always go with the quality, each bundle for the same grade usually has similar variations, so if you find a significantly lower price, that indicates they have compromised on the hair quality.Therefore, when you’re seeking for the best quality hair and have demands for various restyles, go pick real raw hair definitely, it will show you the wise investment for the long run, if you want more hair patterns to choose, go for virgin hair the price of which will be a bit lower.

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