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Which To Choose?Lace Closure Or Frontals?

As what we've already known, you will have more options in hairstyle with a lace closure or lace frontal.When used correctly, the lace would blend with your natural skin tone which looks like hair growing from the scalp.
However, which one do you prefer? Lace closure or lace frontal? This is a tough choice, right? Today, I will provide a quick and easy guide on difference between closure and frontal and how they help transform your appearance.

Closure and frontal have a similar basic purpose with seamlessly closing-off weave install, but the differences are well defined. Here, we list a few parameters where frontal and closure differ as follows:


This is the basic distinction between frontal and closure. A closure is much smaller than frontal with relatively narrower parting section.

While a frontal covers the hairline temple to temple with wider parting section, while closures cover the crown area.

Besides, a closure is generally 2×6,4×4 inches with newcomers like 5×5 usually cubic squared, whereas frontal are 13×4 inches or 13×6(with deeper paring).


A closure is made with either of lace or silk or both. As for a frontal,it is mostly made with lace. But,lace closure and lace frontal both can offer you a more natural appearance for they blend with your scalp.


It determines by materials. Sometimes, you should use sealer spray fora  lace closure because some hair-strands may stick out of the mesh. A frontal is a delicate piece, you have to be gentle and tender with them. Excessive combing and brushing may cause an irreversible damage to a frontal.


Despite the difference in material, closure and frontal look best when customized. Both closures and frontals can be constructed into a wig that can be sewn together with hair bundles. However, the installation of closure is easier than the frontal.


Price is set according to many factors.we've all already known that the size of a closure and frontal is not same. So, their cost must be totally different. Compared with closure, frontal is more expensive. Especially for 360 lace frontal, it can fit with your scalp perfect. Therefore, its price is the most expensive.

Which one To Choose?

That depends on your hairstyle. If you want to try pulled back hairstyles, frontal is more suitable. A wig with a frontal gives you the most styling flexibility as it does not expose tracks.
For a closure, it covers a small portion of your scalp and is easy to install with much more convenience, which makes them the most fitting alternative for daily looks.

If you have more questions, please drop comments down below so I can reply, good luck with your day, you guys!

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