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Why Girls More Like Lace Front Wig ?

Shopping lace front wig has been become a kind of fashion among African women. Do you know why more and more African girl would like to choose lace front wig? Today let us explore the advantage of lace front wig.

What is a lace front wig?

Lace Front wig which is a kind of hand made Human Hair lace wig. Just like its name there is the lace in the front. They lace all is made by top quality swiss lace. When you installed one lace front wig, it will feel breathable and comfortable. Lace front wig totally can bring you a natural hairline and wonderful lace wig experience.

What is the characteristic of lace front wig?

1.There is the lace in the front. It will give you very natural look as the hair stands sew in the lace every stand just like your own hair grow from your scalp.
2.Top Quality Swiss lace. The color of the lace we choose medium which is the most close to our own skin. If you have light skin, we have the transparent lace wig for you as well.
3.Bleach knot. All lace wig you got from our store it has been slight bleached knots, you need to do this work when you got it.
4.Pre-plucked hairline. If are not good at doing pre-pluck, please do not worry, we have been the pull off the hair in the forehead and give you a natural hairline.
5.With little baby hair in the forehead looks more natural.
6.100% virgin human hair, no chemical, no tangling and no shedding

All these feature will bring you very natural look, no one can noticed that you wear a lace front wig until they walk close to you and touch it.

How long is your lace front wig last?

Before you are going to apply your lace front wig, make sure your own hair is neat and clean. Lace wig can last 3-4 weeks for the first time installation. Once you move it, you need to do the deep conditions. Just treat your lace wig as your own hair. You maintain it well. Your lace wig will last longer.

How to care your lace front wig?

Clean your lace front wig every 2 weeks, not matter your own natural hair or human hair lace front wig, keeping the hair clean is very important. Normally the hair care is the same. Do the deep conditions in a regular time. This way will keep your hair soft and shine. If you have the curly lace front wig, we recommend you can do the condition every week to keep the curl. After you washing your curly lace front wig, we recommend you can apply some mouse on your curly lace wig. It will help you keep the curl.

Another suggestion, If you got the kinky curly wig, please do not use the comb brush it, you can just use finger go through the hair make sure there is no knot that will be perfect.

Now lace wig has been become more and more popular now.If you are interested in trying quality lace wig, go ahead and shop it on our website(


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