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Black Friday Giveaway &Super Deals, You wont want to miss!

Black Friday is just around the corner, have you got prepared for this shopping carnival? Actually, we have launched a quantity of benefits for you in the box to show our appreciation for your longtime steady focus and support,here we go!

Black Friday Giveaway


For a new buyer, you can follow the guideline below to join in.


For an old customer, you can share your story and do as follows:


Super Deals

Discount:12%(All Site), Up to 15%(Special Items)


In the wake of Black Friday Promotion, we will draw a giveaway winner in live stream at 21:30 (American Eastern Time) every day from 30th till 2nd and post on social media and story, follow us @modernshowhairstore and stay tuned, let's wait and see who will be the lucky guys!



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