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What Kind Of Hair Is Better For Wigs?

There are mainly 2 types of human hair that are verified to be better for wigs and are commonly used to human hair wigs: Virgin human hair and Remy human hair.

Virgin human hair is unprocessed human hair. It has been collected from a single donor and is chemically unprocessed. This type of hair has not been the subject of perm or dyes or bleaches or harsh washes. There are various pros attached to these types of hair.

1. These hairs are completely pure human hair.

2. Since the donor of all the hair is the same, the strands of the hair are identical.

3. They have a long longevity period.

4. These are much better in blending than other types of hair.

Virgin human hair is right now the best human hair, the only con is too much expensive.

Remy hair is collected from various donors but to ensure that all the hair cuticles are traveling in the same direction.

There are various advantages of using Remy hair.

Firstly, it is much cheaper than Virgin human hair.

Secondly, since all the hair cuticles travel in the same direction, this mostly lessened the happening of hair tangling.

Thirdly, they could be as sleek and silky as virgin hair.

After reading this articel, you may have known more about the human hair wigs. In the hair market, most of the human hair wigs are remy hair wigs. there are also a lot non-remy human hair wigs, which is made of pre-processed human hair with less cuticle. Since it has less cuticle, so it is much easiser to get tangled than remy hair wig and virgin hair wig. But it is really cheap and affordable. So you choose the proper hair wig based on your budget.


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