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Friendly Reminders and Tips for Blonde Hair

Recently I've received a feedback from several customers who're puzzled and frustrated about dying their hair products.In this article, I will tell you some friendly reminders and tips for blonde hair.

Usually, blonde hair takes colorful dye easier than natural color, that means if you want your final look to be like lavender,purple,green,orange or some bright colors and the hair supplier doesn't have them in stock available now, you can try blonde and go to dye it to the final look you want.

But there are some underlying vital factors to bear in mind before you dye.

1 Since the blonde hair is non remy hair and has just gone through cleaning and acid process to maintain its acceptability towards dyes, although is is made from 100% human hair which can be bleached and restyled, the process still needs to be taken by professional stylist for safe.

2 Never make it go through too many styling processes at one single time, it can cause great harm to the hair quality and shorten its lifespan.

3 If you want to change your hair style for a while, remember try to leave the internal break to last as long as possible, 3 months at least so that the hair can revitalize.

4 If your hair has suffered from a shedding and tangling problem, that probably results from degrading hair quality due to dying and restyling inappropriately.

5 Try to treat your hair as you own hair, be gentle, be tender,be patient and careful, then it will bounce back to its original state just the way it comes.

Here are the coloring final look from our previous customers, really amazing!~

If you love the rainbow color hair, you can buy 613 blonde bundles with a closure/frontal, besides, you can also try our new arrivals such as blonde body wave lace frontal wig or silky straight virgin remy lace front wig.

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As what I've said, your voices value a great towards us so we can adjust and improve for the better, so if you have got any doubt or question, just feel free to let me know by dropping message down below. Loving you guys!~~~

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