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What's the Difference Between Water Wave Wig and Deep Curly Wig ?

As you have been familiar about, there are various hair textures of human hair wigs out there on the market, some are puzzled and frustrated about which one to choose because if it is not under careful scrutiny, you could hardly recognize the difference, in this article, I will show you how to distinguish them.

Here's the picture for water wave Wig and deep curly Wig, check it attentively:

So have you found something similar and identically distinct? YES. I'm sure you can.

The major difference relies on the curl laying direction and the hair volume it makes.

For the water wave, the curl patterns are positioning at opposite directions so it can forge a seemingly large volume even for the same hair density like 150% and blend naturally with your own hair, whereas, the deep curly is facing the same direction and relatively flat but romantic and lovely than the former.

So it's your choice, if you want it to look bomb and in crazy exaggerated style, pick water wave which is also most popular style on market owing to making a sharply different look with large volume but not investing more money in 180% density of the same item;If you're in want of adorable and sweet look, pick deep wave which can be referred to curly ones in some hair vendors.

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