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How To Properly Care for Your Wig ?

Properly caring for your wig is essential to extending the hair's lifespan. Whether your hair is made of synthetic fiber or human hair, understanding why and how to care for your hair wig is crucial. For best results, try incorporating our maintenance recommendations below into your hair care routine!

1. Washing Your Wig

Sweat and oils will collect in the base materials while applied, so it's essential to thoroughly cleanse the area during your wash routine. When washing the inside of your wig cap or topper base, you need to treat it with care. Even though wefted cap materials are sturdier than lace materials, all types still need to be treated delicately. 

After you’ve wet your piece, apply a small amount of shampoo to your hands and massage. Then, on the inside of the cap or base materials, start cleansing the material by using gentle circular motions with your fingers. If you have a lace front and apply makeup on this feature when wearing, now is the time to deep clean the area. 

Washing Wig Cap

2. Refresh Your Piece

When your wig cap or topper base needs a little refreshing between washes, use the Purifi Spray by BeautiMark. Formulated to neutralize - not just mask - odors, this revolutionary spray is safe to use on any cap or base construction as well as any fiber type. With a light, fresh scent, the Purifi Spray can be used before and after your daily wear.

Purifying Spray for Wigs

3. Under Your Wig

Caring for your wig cap isn’t entirely dependent on hair care products. Wearing a wig cap liner or securing your biological hair under the cap can help protect the delicate materials. By providing a smooth barrier between the cap and the head, you will allow your wig to slide on comfortably and without force. A well-fitted yet comfortable cap is especially important if your wig has a lace front feature since you do not want to stretch out a feature that should lay flat against the hairline. 

Wearing a wig cap liner is entirely up to personal preference, but we do recommend wearing one under your wigs. If you have a sensitive scalp, we highly recommend wearing a wig cap liner to optimize your wig-wearing experience.

We highly recommend incorporating these elements in your wig care and maintenance routine so that you can extend the life of your wigs. 

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