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How To Restore A Dried Out Human Hair Wig?

Wearing a human hair wig is a popular hair trend, while having beauty, there are also many troubles with the human hair wigs, such as shedding, tangle, frizzy, matted or loose texture....Today we are talking about how to restore a dried out human hair wig. Before knowing how to restore a dried out human hair wig, we need to know why a human hair wig will be dried out first.

1. Why a human hair wig will be dried out?

1.1 Lack Of Nutrition

Real human hairs grows because of the human nutrition supplying system is working. Once the hair has left the human scalp, the supply of natural oils is also shut off, then the hair will become dry gradually.

1.2 Over Washing

Human hair wigs are like our hair need to do regular cleaning, but the over watering also can ruin the hair and make it become dry, break easily.

1.3 Sun Exposure

Most people are lovers of the outdoors nowadays. Being exposed to direct sunlight too much can easily get your human hair wig sunburnt and lose water.

2. How to restore a dried out human hair wig?

2.1. Use a comb to take out any tangles in your wig so that it is easier to apply products on it.

2.2. Use Hair Oil

Just as natural hair oils can make your hair shiny and smooth, they can work well on wig units as well. Argan oil is a great option for restoring human hair wigs. Just take argan hair on to your hands and apply it along the entire length of the wig. You can use a comb afterward to ensure that every strand of hair is covered in oil evenly.

2.3. After oiling the unit, wash it with a moisturizing shampoo. A moisturizing shampoo is really important as it prevents the hair from drying out further and makes it shinier and softer. While washing the hair, use your fingers to really pass through the tresses so that the shampoo reaches every part of the hair and is cleaned evenly.

2.4. After washing with shampoo, apply conditioner along the entire length of the wig’s strands, and apply a slightly larger amount at the tips as they are the parts that dry out first. After leaving the conditioner in for a few minutes, wash it out.

2.5. Put your wet wig on a mannequin to dry it out. After it has stopped dripping water, apply a good heat protection spray on the hair, and then use a hairdryer on low power to dry the wig completely.

2.6. Air Dry

After washing, you’d better to choose air dry. Because overusing hairdryers will dry out the hair wigs. If you insist using a hairdryer, set it on low or medium heat, and keep the dryer about six to eight inches away from the hair wig.

After reading this article, hope they can help you. Any other question or recommends, please freely contact us.

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