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How Long Can A Wig Last?

As we all know, there are two different types of hair wigs in the wig market: human hair wigs and synthetic wigs. Different hair wigs have different lifespan. in this article,we will tell you : What is the human hair wig? What is the synthetic hair wig? Which one can last longer? 

1. What is the human hair wig?

Human hair wig is made of 100% real human hair,without any synthetic hair and fibers. Besides it can be divided into two different types: Remy hair wigs and Non-Remy hair wigs.

Remy hair is 100% human hair that the hair cuticles are still intact and all the hairs are running in the same one direction. And the Remy hair normally is collected from one donor.

Non-Remy hair is also human hair but it is collected from different sources. So the hairs may be running into several different directions.

The quality of Remy hair is better than Non-Remy hair.

2. What is the synthetic hair wig?

A synthetic wig looks similar to a human hair wig but it is made of chemical fiber.And it can't be dyed or permed. So the quality of synthetic wigs may be not as good as human hair wigs.

3. Which one can last longer?

As the hair quality of human hair wigs is better than synthetic wigs. The lifespan of human hair wigs is longer than synthetic wigs. Normally a regular human hair lace wig can last for at least one year with the proper care methods. And a synthetic wig, it may last about half one year.

Attentions: About the human hair wigs' lifespan, It depends on how good you care and maintain your wig. Still, there is a certain time for the wigs when it gets damaged as human hair wigs are made of human hair.

And an average time will be around 6 months.

Below are some tips that will help you to keep your wig fresh for a long time:

  • Pre-wash: Before you shampoo your wig, remove tangled hair from your hair product. Try to use a mild shampoo or any other suggested by the experts.
  • Wash: Gently mix the shampoo into the hair from top to bottom of the hair. Wash it with warm water. Remember not to twist or rub the hair.
  • Comb the hair if it gets tangled.
  • Conditioner: Lastly use an expert recommended conditioner.
  • Dry: Hang it to air dry after the wash.
  • Wash your wig often when it gets dirty or dull.

After reading this article,you may know more about the wigs, and I'm sure you you will find the proper wig for yourself.

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