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How To Avoid The Damage From Human Wigs?

Women so often feel the need to fit into the box, one constructed by the media, they believe they belong in. Plenty of women would be perfectly fine wearing their hair natural if it were not for their husbands who say they like their hair better straight or the worry that natural hair is seen as unprofessional. Being comfortable in your own hair texture is far more important than any one else's approval.

If these possible adverse health effects do not deter you, there are things you can do to reduce the damage these wigs may cause.

Tips On How To Avoid The Damage:
1. Make sure the wig is made of human hair and not synthetic hair because it can often lead to allergic reactions and irritation for some people with particularly sensitive skin.
2. To minimize the harmful effects of the glue, refrain from using it too often. Avoid this by keeping the wig on for at minimum one week at a time and do not re-apply the glue until the wig is taken off. It is made of various harsh chemicals that are impossible to avoid when using Human Hair Wigs.
3. Keep the wig on for as long as possible and do not take it off until your hair needs to be washed or trimmed.
4. Be very patient and do not rip the wig off quickly. Be sure to carefully peel it off trying not to peel off more hair or skin than necessary.
5. Alternate between using tape and glue to secure the wig.
6. Do NOT use Human Hair Wigs for long periods of time consecutively (6 months+).While these methods will not completely rid you of the damage lace front part will eventually cause, they can help slow their effects.

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