Why Are Lace Frontal Wigs So Popular On The Market?

Perhaps you have known that wigs are generally divided into four major categories of wigs-Machined-Made Wigs,Lace Frontal Wigs,Full Lace Wigs, and newly-emerged 360 Lace Wigs(which also evolve from lace frontal wigs) according to the lace size and the position it lays. Nowadays, lace frontal wigs have contributed a greatest GMV to the hair products market,why?Here's the answer:

First,The Natural Realistic Look

By wearing a human hair wig, beauty-chasers intend to achieve a different look more conveniently but don't want others recognize they're actually installed with hair products.

The birth of lace has successfully tackled the problem with hair melted into the skin-tone and natural hairline, so if looked from a distance, you will hardly be distinguished.

Lace have varieties of colors ranging from light,medium or dark brown which goes well respectively from lighter to darker skins. From the recent years,technicians have developed new forms of lace like High-Definition(i.e.HD lace) or Transparent lace which is more delicate and lighter than normal lace to make the installation look even more melted-in and natural.

Second, The Price

Less lace size than full lace and more lace size than completely machine-made wigs, lace frontal wigs are relatively more affordable with perfect breath ability and durability. It's a fair balance between super high-priced full lace and stiff, tough machine-made human hair wigs.

Third,More Comfortable

With more lace sewed in to the net cap, lace frontal wigs can offer a much more comfortable experience and diversified styling options.

So you do benefit a whole lot from buying from lace frontal wigs, that explains why lace frontal wigs are so popular on the market.

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