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Ready For Your Halloween Look?

Autumn has quickly moved in and Halloween Day is coming soon! Are you ready for it? Have you picked out your costume? The Halloween Day will come in 2 weeks later, so you may be more inclined to join the masses and step up your game. If you aren’t into costumes, maybe an elaborate makeup and hair look will be more up your alley. Look to Pinterest and Instagram for some great ideas.

Human Hair Wigs are more and more popular this year, and not just for Halloween! Many artists have been using wigs for photo shoots and now recently many MUAs have been using them on their models for over the top looks and transformations. Pop-up shops for Halloween have opened up all over the place, and Dressew, Dollar Stores, and Value Village are great places for inexpensive wigs and costumes. Start with a coloured wig, grab some makeup, and the sky is the limit. With great hair and Makeup, you may not need a costume!

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