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What Is Transparent Lace Wig?

We all know that human hair lace wig is very popular among African women. Along with the high requirement on fashion. Common lace frontal wig can not meet some African girls, they are pursuit more natural and comfortable look with human hair lace wig. So Transparent lace wig come out. Transparent lace wig which means the lace in front is invisible. Transparent lace wig is a new fashion trend on the lace wig market. We provide quality Transparent lace with the affordable price. Today let us share you something about Transparent lace wig.

What is the Transparent lace wig?

Transparent lace wig which is a kind of lace front wig, the most different from normal lace is the front. Transparent lace wig used the quality invisible swiss lace. It will match all kind of skin tone. You never worry to use the make up powder to fix your lace color.

What style can be chosen with Transparent lace wig ?

Transparent lace wig is the new arrival lace wig. We have 13x6 transparent lace front wig and 13x6x1 T Part trabsparent lace wig for your options.

Let us show you their difference

Our lace wig all is 100% virgin human hair, you can styled it and straighten it.

The feature of Transparent lace wig.

1.We all would like our human hair lace wig looks natural and complex with our own skin well. It looks the hair grown up from your own scalp.
3. If you are not good at bleached knots, go ahead and purchase hd lace wig will be the best choice. You need not to bleach the knots and just go and install it.
4. With baby hair around. Baby hair will make your lace wig more natural.
5. Quality human hair. We choose 100% virgin human hair to make it into the lace wig. The lace in the front we choose the quality real Transparent swiss lace.

Why should we choose Transparent lace wig?

Transparent lace wig has become more and more popular in the lace wig market. However Transparent lace is a little expensive as the quality materials, As a kind of human hair lace wig, Transparent lace wig will be more softer and lighter and breathable than others lace wig. Now we are on sale for hd lace wig. Why not go ahead and try it?

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