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What You Must Know About A Wig

You must have know that wigs are getting more and more popular on the market, but since there are so many varities of wigs, have you ever got into the trouble of choosing the proper wig suitable for your face shape, body figure and beauty taste? Actually not every wig fits for everyone, here comes the basic guidelines for you to choose the one matching you most and blooming your glamours.

First, How To Choose The Material From Which The Wig Is Made From?

As you may have already known, there’re synthetic fiber wigs, human hair wigs and mixed wigs which combine the former two together to forge a similar look and handfeeling as 100% human hair wigs to lower the material cost. But I am not saying either one is good or bad, the most important thing in making a choice among the three relies on the purpose of the wig, if it’s for special occasions like April, Easter, Holloween, Family or friends party, Christmas or cosplays e.t.c on which the wig is disposable, I will suggest for synthetic fiber wigs because they will come in colorful shades to light up the atmosphere and the prices could be much cheaper and more reasonable for only one use. If you’re strict with the hair quality, a high-temperature-resistant protein fiber wig will serve your purpose successfully. Mixed wigs are decending in recent years owing to higher demands from modern women who require a longlast hair lifespan and various restyling options which are just transitional products in between. As the living standards boost up, people will seek for better quality human hair wigs naturally which are in mass production in every factory in hair distribution centers, the price could be higher but it will worth its value for the long run, some good quality human hair wigs such virgin remy lace frontal wigs can even last 1-3 years or even more if under good taken care of though most last for several months or so. I will suggest human hair wigs definitely since the price is lower than the initial stage when born and the quality can be relied on if you purchase them from a regulated experienced hair factory.

Second, How To Choose The Type of My Wig?

As far as we’ve concerned about, there are basically three types of human hair wigs on the market, lace frontal wigs(including 360 lace frontal wigs and 370 lace frontal wigs), full lace wigs, lace closure wigs among which lace frontal wigs are most favored by fashion ladies for their relatively lower pricing than full lace wigs and larger lace size for more styling possibilities. To learn more about the lace size and feature, you can refer to my relevant blogs Lace Frontal Wig VS Closure Wig VS Full Lace Wig VS 360 Lace Wig.

Third, How Many Bundles Do I Need To Make My Wig?

Yes, you must have known that the average weight for each bundle is 100 grams(5g difference is acceptable), that’s to say for the same human hair bundle, the longer length of the hair, the shorter of the hair weft, so you need more bundles to make a full head wig, the amount of hair you should choose is roughly as follows:

The above is a general requirement(130 density normally) though, if you have a higher demand for density or volume, I suggest you purchase 150 or 180 density, you can try more bundles also.

Fourth,How to Measure and Choose the Length of My Wig?

The measure method changes a little bit along with the hair style you choose owing to the curl pattern. As you can see from the chart, straight hair is measured directly from the the top of head to the bottom of hair, but since the tight curls like water wave, deep wave(or curly), Jerry Curl, Kinky curl,when you measure, you should straighten the hair to the full length and lay it out flat then use the tape to size up like what is shown in the picture below. The situation also goes for other wave styles like ocean wave, body wave,italian wave, spanish wave and so on.


What length to choose from mainly depends on your personal fashion taste and requirements, that means if you prefer a clean, tidy and strong, self-independent superwoman style or cutie, then pick a shorter hair length not lower than shoulder height, like pixie cut, blunt/blonde bob, asymmetrical bob e.t. , which is like 10”,12”or 14”. But if you’re a chic icon and crave for a striking and captive look from passers, you can go for much longer human hair wigs which extend from 24” to 30” or even more. But for ordinary demands, we recommend 14”to 24” usually because the price is much more affordable and reasonable than long sizes which is the most popular style on the market, since it’s in mass production in factory and sufficient stock, you don’t need to worry about the hair supply anyway.

Fifth,How To Care and Maintain My Wig Properly?

The most important thing to note is to just treat your human hair wig like your own hair( not applicable to Synthetic fiber and mixed wigs which can be restyled owing to material features). As long as you buy wigs from formally regulated company such as Modernshowhair store which has established in the industry for 20-plus years and make sure your wig is 100% human hair made, ironing, curling, bleaching or dyeing and all other restyling demands call all be met.

As what I’ve already mentioned, if a wig can be well taken care of, the lifespan can last for 1 to 2 years or even longer compared with that of normal human hair like several months only. So how to prolong the usage of hair products to make it a sensible investment for the long run? Here comes the general maintainence tips for you:

All the above is the common knowledge you have to know about a wig, if you’ve got more questions or doubts, pls leave comments and contacts below and I will get back to you as soon as possible, our website is in big promotion, check it out for more benefits.

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