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What's New In Modern Show Hair?

Part of Modern Show Hair experience is reaping the benefits of the most innovative wig site on the web! We work hard to keep our site fresh, and we are constantly updating features to make your shopping experience easy and enjoyable. Our Newest updates are new hair products- colored hair bundles and transparent lace wig.

Whether you are brand new to wearing alternative hair (wigs & toppers) or have been wearing them for years, we’d love to share our new hair with you!

1. Colored Human Hair Bundles

Colored human hair bundles are very popular in summer,because it can give us a fresh cool look in summer. Besides,we can use it to make a wig, ponytail, or clip in hairextension. You can select different color hair to match your different look in Summer.

2. Transparent Lace Wig

As we all know transparent lace wigs are virtually undetectable sheer lace material running along the hairline and are designed to mimic a natural-looking hairline allowing the hair to be styled in a pulled-back style or away from your face.

One of the major benefits is since the lace on the transparent frontal/closure, you can easily get away with not plucking your frontal! 

If you like our new hair, you can directly click the picture to view more related hair. Choose modern show hair, make your look more differently !

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