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Which Type of Lace On Hair Wig Should I Choose?

Nowadays, lace is getting more and more popular on the human hair wig, where different types of lace needs. Some customers are sending inquiries about which type should they choose to forge a more proper and beautiful look,in this article I’ll show you how to choose the lace suit you best.

No.1 How to choose color


                                       HD Lace VS Transparent Lace


                                    Transparent Lace VS Normal Lace

As what we can tell from the pics above, HD lace is lighter and more delicate than transparent lace and normal lace, while transparent lace is less visible than normal lace which generally includes light brown lace,medium brown lace and dark brown lace. We recommend HD lace and transparent lace to light-skinned people and normal light brown lace to black people for more natural look.

No.2 How to Choose Material

HD lace is a new emerging kind of lace, much more invisible to the eye so it can melt into the skin tone perfectly and more delicate and vulnerable than the other, so it needs more careful use and maintenance. While transparent lace is of the exactly same material of a normal lace except with a transparent color but matches your scalp better,so if you’re with a dark color, we usually recommend light brown normal lace which is most popular on the market nowadays, but if your skin is a little bit light chocolate or wheat color, a transparent or HD lace is more suggested since they can make your hairline more natural.

No.3 How to Choose Hair Vendor

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