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Why Do So Many Black Women Like To Wear Wigs?

Wearing wigs is no longer a new fresh to Black Women. As to why do so many Black Women like to wear wigs,I think the simplest answer is that a lot of black girls don’t want to deal with their natural hair.

One of my friends named Lily shared her experience and feelings about wearing wigs. In her experience, she never worn a wig and she's a black girl, she has only wore added hair in braids but she mostly wear her hair natural. However, her mom wears wigs because her mom wants her hair to grow out but wants to look presentable when she goes out. Lily also feels like wigs are a form of expression because there’s many different colors and styles to choose from. Black girls can easily damage their hair by straightening and dying it all the time, so instead said they can wear wigs and have a hairstyle they like.

Also another thing, this is based on Lily's personal experience but She feel like wearing a wig would take away a lot of stress with wearing our natural hair out. Lily lives around majority white people and she remembers going to school with her natural hair and having people touch it and feel it without her permission when It was Afro like or in natural braids (exactly like the the ones below)

She never stopped them from touching it because she felt like it was not to offend her, it was just out of curiosity but to be honest she’d like people to keep their hands to themselves so she feels like sometimes wearing a wig would take that interest away from her natural hair and make her life easier.

 After reading this artical, how do you think or feel about black women wearing wigs? Leave your comment down below and let us know your viewpoint.

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