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Hottest Short Hairstyles, Short Haircuts 2022

Whatever your reason for considering going with a short style, no matter if you are tired of long hair or just like the sexy edge of many of the new shorter styles-there are many to choose from. If you want to cut your hair shorter this time but have no ideas what to sport, get short hair inspirations for your next cut with these cool stylish short hairstyles below.

Grown out short hairstyles become short bob on golden-brown hair

short hairstyles

This is a great daily hairstyle for anyone with an oval face and thick hair. It’s quite long for a pixie haircut and really demonstrates how you can continue with simple hairstyles when your pixie is growing out. The long layers rely on dense hair to create a lovely rounded shape at the back, graduated to curve in nicely at the nape. The side parting can be worn as a center or off-center parting on an oval face, and drapes over one side in an extra-long fringe.

This is a soft look, with pretty curves and long side-burns that really makes the best of medium-thick, straight hair.

Fashionable forward styling with boy-cut back

 Fine hair is is not usually thick enough to get sufficient density for a wedge cut.  However you can have an equally trendy style, like this short back and sides with long layers left on top.  It’s usually warm when with a side parting and extra-long side swept bangs.

Voluminous and Bold Blue Bob

Messy, Stacked Bob Hairstyles - New Short Haircuts  for women: Piled on top with heaps of volume and finished off with a bright, look-at-me blue hair color, this bold style surely isn’t for everyone! If you’re looking to make a statement wherever you go and love the edgier styles in life, consider this vibrant and powerful style. Don’t forget the side part and tousling to add to the edgy effect.

Crisp & stylish black and white-blonde pixie cut


If you love a high-fashion look with geometric cutting and strong lines, here’s something for you. Thick straight hair is thinned and shaped into forward moving curves highlighted in platinum-blonde and increasing in density until the side-swept extra-long fringe is totally white.

Color contrasts accentuate the lovely texture and shape of this stylish precision-cut pixie hairstyle, with a 3-point finish at the nape.

Red short hairstyles with bangs

Daily hairstyles are almost more important than evening hairstyles, because they create an image that everyone in your life sees! They should complement your skin tone and be easy hairstyles to do every morning, too! Here’s a confident pixie cut and colour with short, feathered bangs and plenty of texture and 3-D reflections across the top. It’s more suitable for an oval face, than a long face (as shown here).

But the glory of this cute pixie cut is the rich, red colour that’s a great way to warm-up pale skin-tones, which the model definitely does demonstrate! Pixie haircuts with short bangs are flattering for all age groups and most faces, except thin, long or square faces.

 Lavender, blue and brown short angled blunt bob with bangs

 Definitely one of the best hair color jobs on the planet! And it’s pretty rare that we ever say that. The way the lavender and light blue blends in so well with the brown is mesmerizing in every way. And with a short blunt bob like this one? It’s perfection. Truly perfection!

Asymmetrical bob with choppy layers and highlights

 This bob haircut has an A-line back and choppy layers all throughout. And although her hair is already pretty thick, what makes it appear to have even more volume is the fact that it’s darker with blonde highlights on top.

Stacked bob with bold blonde highlights

What we like about hairstyles like this one is that the coloring is what helps to bring out the cut. That’s why we highly-recommend that you get a top-rated stylist to pull off this look. From the tapering of the neckline to the bold chunks of blonde coloring on the first couple of layers, it’s a professional look that needs a professional’s touch.

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