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5 Best Recommended Hair Styles For Autumn and Winter 2019

Although Labor Day has just gone away, we’re rushing into the golden autumn and not-so-far winter, so what’s the most trendy hair styles to major on the market?Here I will tell you 5 items:

No.1 Blunt Bob

This style is a classic one you should always bear in mind, which is a super perfect symbol of independence, self-confidence, pride, strongness, capability and coolness of a modern girl, every one has a choice for bob, go get it at , it’s on sale.

No.2 Beach Wave

Although summer vacation is over, it doesn’t mean you should reject the lovely and romantic beach wave for the coming season, just imagine you wake up from a sweet dream in a cozy expressions, it’s a perfect match right? Stand brave to try this out,honey.

No.3 Malaysian Water Curl

Do you know how popular is this item for the summer vacation? Yes, that goes to our Malaysian Water Curl with numerous orders on Aliexpress, Amazon and Ebay e.t.c, if you havn’t tried, take the chance by clicking at to learn more.

No.4 Side-Swept Body Wave

Body wave has always enjoyed the favor of beauties from all social walks, same with bob style, it is also a classic and trendy style, but be different this time, try a deep side part which will make you even glamorous, elegant and attractive.

No.5 Furry Bob

Yes, it’s another bob on the list, I’ve made it sure. This bob will make you look more lively and smarter, just like a fairy walking from an old forest.

Look for more hair style options? Follow me @modernshowhairstore and check it out at to learn more trending hair news and promotions.

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