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Virgin Hair VS Remy Hair VS Non-Remy Hair

Hair products are our essentials of daily life, but do you know how choose a proper hair suitable for you best? What’s the difference between virgin hair vs remy hair vs non-remy hair? In this article, I will unveal all the secrects for you.

Before the guidelines, let’s learn more about the basic construction of a hair strand:

As what we can see from above, the cuticle is the outermost layer to protect our hair from damage and harm to get into inner cortex and medulla layer, which differs hair quality apart.

Basically,virgin hair is the best quality hair which hasn’t gone through any kind of chemical procession like perms,dyeing, ironing,bleaching e.t.c. so the cuticles stay the exact the original state as when it’s cut from one single donor, you can treat the hair just like your own hair and do any hair styles you want but you need to pay a comparativly higher price for it since it has a longest lifespan theoretically if being taking good care of,but think about it in the long run, it will be a wise investment.

Many customers may get confused about virgin hair and remy hair, to tell the truth from strict definitions, remy hair actually goes through stream process to maintain its soft handfeeling. The main feature for qualifying a remy hair is that after it’s collected from the donor, its hair cuticles are running in the same direction from the hair root to the tip, no mixings are allowed, so when the hair undergones through restyling, the inner layer wont be damaged and reflects the light on the hair strand so it looks more shiny naturally. While,non-remy hair doesn’t require the cuticles in one same direction so when you have washed the hair several times,it can get coarser.


For the color, non-remy hair always comes in various shades, but has limited options on restyling and will last for several months only, and doen’t look as shiny or natural as remy or virgin hair, but it’s more affordable, if you want to change look occassionaly, it will be your wonderful choice.

For remy hair or virgin hair, it usually can last one or two years or even longer, but the color choices are a little bit fewer than non-remy hair, usually in natual color,but you can do any color or style you want since it’s the best quality hair and you can do whatever you want. The price could be higher, but it’s a longtime input and you will find it worthy.

All in all, the remy or virgin hair is going to be the mainstays since we all deserve better life, go choose your favorite hair styles at



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