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How to Care For a Wig During Winter

It's believable that people can think about Freezing temperatures, cold winds, and dryness when mentioning the winter season. Apparently, our skin can be affected to be Red and dry&flaky, and the hair can be damaged and tangled mess through suffering these extreme weather conditions. Here we have 10 best tips for caring for your wig during winter to protect its health and beauty.

how to care for a wig during winter

How To Care For Your Wig In Winter?

Use Deep Condition Treatment

Cold temperature is bad for your wig, thus avoid venturing a slightly damp wig to the cold as it can freeze, turning the hair brittle and dry.

Use a wig-friendly conditioner to maintain softness and prevent static electricity. Invest in a wig moisturizing spray for quick refreshes between washes. Investing in specialized moisturizing shampoos, conditioners, and deep treatments designed for wigs to ensure your hairstyle remains in excellent condition throughout the season.

Keep Away From Heat Tools

Prevent your wig from heat sources, whether it is human hair or synthetic as it can risk shortening the longevity of hair. If the style with heat is a must, opt for the low-temperature setting on your styling tools and apply heat protectant spray to prevent fiber damage. Minimize heat usage, embracing heatless styling like braiding or using flexi rods is good for maintaining moisture.

Avoid Over-Washing

Less is more. Minimize wig washing to preserve natural oils and moisture during winter. Cold weather reduces the need for frequent washing. Overwashing strips away essential oils, leaving the wig dry and dull. therefore, washing only when necessary and judging by visible dirt and oil. Ensure washing when time allows for air drying to prevent damage from excessive heat styling.

Suitable dress Regardingly

Maintain your wig in tip-top condition during winter by choosing clothing wisely. Avoid wool coats, scarves, and sweaters that cause tangling and breakage. Opt for hats or silk scarves to protect your wig when wearing wool, or better yet, opt for clothing without wool. Be cautious with synthetic fabrics like nylon, wool, or faux fur, as they generate static electricity, causing frizz and tangling.

Warm tips: Don’t wear a tight hat, choosing s larger size may make you comfortable and the wig won't fall off when you adjust your hat.

Invest a Tooth Comb To Brush Tangles

Strong winds increase the risk of wig tangling in winter, leading to potential damage. Regular brushing with a wide tooth comb, starting from the ends and working upward to untangle knots and tangles. make sure to brush your wig gently and not tug or pull the hair fibers.

Cover Your Hair By Using A Hat Or Scarf

cover human hair wig by using scarf

If you plan to spend plenty of time When you go outside, make sure you have prepared an umbrella, a hat, or a silk scarf to protect your hair from the rain and snow. What’s more, a satin scarf or cute hat not only can combat the cold sick but keep your wig from frizzy and tangling.

Ensure The Wig Air Dry Naturally

Allow for air drying to preserve your wig's moisture and prevent brittleness, not a hair dryer. make sure only wash your wig when you can allow it to air dry completely. Ensuring it's thoroughly dry before stepping outside can reduce the risk of brittleness and breakage in the chilly temperatures.


Indoor heating usually used in the winter can lead your wig to dryness. Hence, buying a humidifier is a perfect solution to reduce excessive heat and add moisture to the air. otherwise, it can cause the hair to become fragile and influence its natural luster. In case you don't have a humidifier, you can choose to place your wig in the bathroom as the substitute solution to retain hair hydration overnight.

Store The Wig Properly

Winter wig storage is also important. Avoid heat sources and extreme temperature fluctuations as they adversely affect hair fibers. Keep it away from heaters or radiators to prevent brittleness and dryness.

When not in use, store it in a cool&good ventilation place away from direct sunlight. Utilize a wig stand or mannequin to maintain shape and prevent tangling.

Buy High-Quality Human Hair Wig

highlight wig straight 13x4 lace frontal wig pre plucked lace wig

Remy human hair wigs are less likely to break or tangle even if they have experienced snowstorms in winter. One thing you need to know is that Whatever effort you make and TLC for your wigs if they are made of low-quality materials, wigs won't last a long period. this is why you should get a premium real human hair wig rather than a synthetic one because human hair wigs usually are durable and perfect for a long-run choice.


With the above easy tips, you can show your beautiful wig Elevate your appearance in the winter season, don't forget to take good care of your wig, and try to make an effort so it can have a good outcome!


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