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How To Cover Up Lace Front With Make Up

Consider wearing your lace wigs to give self-esteem and confidence, Known people who are starting off in wigs that's probably one of the things that kind of you know makes you apprehensive about getting into wigs is blending the lace, and there is the good news you can make 13x4 lace frontal looks natural with make up. this article helped someone out there who was looking for tips and tricks on how to blend lace into their skin perfectly, read on to know more!

lace front wig

You can bleach a lace front wig using the bleach technique as well as giving you a more natural look, but when you make mistakes that over bleached knots and the hair is falling out in creating patches. Is there an alternative solution to this?


It’s Makeup!

How Do You Apply Makeup On Your Lace Front

Tools You Needed:

Foundation/ Concealer: color your lace

Makeup Brush: a brush that is fluffy

Angled Brush: more stiff and pointy than regular brush

Sponge: a common tool to absorb makeup and apply lace evenly

Lace spray: the type of hold that can keep your wig

Now, let’s start to hide the lace front wig with makeup

blend lace frontal before applying foundation

Step 1, First, make sure to use a shade that matches your skin tone and apply it to the hairline, you can use any liquid foundation, just as long as it matches your skin complexion. A cream foundation is the best foundation because it's buildable and movable.

Step 2: Turn your wig inside out, then pour some on the back of your hand and use a sponge to gently dab the foundation When you have finished applying the foundation on your lace frontal go over again with your sponge blending evenly. You do not need to add extra foundation. 

Step 3:it's advisable to take a skinny angled brush and angled makeup brush get some concealer or foundation and just slide straight down the middle of where you want the part to be and how you want the part to look.

Step 4: use a lace spray or a holding spray or you can use a gel that's made for lace, give it some wind to help this get tacky, and you can leave it to air dry for about half an hour. and then the space is where you see the lace did not get laid down you can just go right on ahead and put the glue allowing it to turn clear.

blend lace frontal after applying foundation

You have done and could properly cover your lace front with simple makeup. Wherever you go, nobody can see you are wearing a wig, because you show an authentic and real look in natural light.


Through choosing the right style of a lace front wig so that we can achieve a fabulous hairstyle every day. We hope this post has played a role in puzzling covering up the lace front with makeup and how to clean the lace properly. It concludes with a clear and easy step, which you can try to follow without hesitation.

FAQs About Covering/Hide Lace Front With Makeup

How Do You Clean The Makeup On The Lace Front

Makeup may potentially damage your hairline and your hair strands for a long time, many women are concerned about this problem. How To find out the solution? JUST dip a cotton swab into rubbing alcohol, then mildly dab rubbing alcohol onto the lace, so it can remove the build-up of makeup. Do remember to put a folded washcloth underneath to absorb the “released” makeup.

Is it safe to put a lot of makeup powder in my hair to conceal bald spots?

Provided it is not too heavy this will not be a problem. If it is too heavy or not washed out frewuently, then yes it could cause irritation or folliculitis. But it should not cause hair loss. You may be aware already but there are many commercially available camouflaging products including keratin fibers (Toppik etc) and oowder cakes (DermMatch) and various sprays (Fullmore etc).


How Do I Blend Well On My Lace

you should carefully cover the lace mesh/grid with makeup as possible as you can while wearing a lace front wig, not only does it help you create an illusive look, but also minimizes any wiggy appearance.

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