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How To Distinguish Human Hair Wigs From Synthetic Wigs?

Wearing a wig is not a new fresh thing, because most of femails know the advantages of wearing a wig. There are normally two main different choices in the wig market: real human hair wigs and synthetic wigs. They are both hair wigs, but have different prices. Some people prefer real human hair wigs, because they want to have more real and natural hair looks.

How to make sure that you bought a real human hair wig? In this article we will introduce: How to distinguish real human hair wigs from synthetic ones? Real human hair wigs and synthetic wigs can be distinguished from such aspects as appearance, touch, hair quality, etc.

1. Appearance

At first glance, you can't see much difference in these two wigs. But just need to look a little closer, you will find that synthetic hair are more bristly obviously. If exposure to natural light or a bright artificial light source, synthetic hair will present bad reflection problems. And synthetic hair also looks plastic. On the contrary, high quality real human hair wigs are like real human hair, and look real and natural.

2. Touch

A synthetic wig feels stiff, dry, and no elastic. A real human hair wig feels like real human hair, smooth, silky, elastic.

3. Hair Quality

Synthetic wigs are not made of hair, they are made of synthetic fibers. A synthetic wigs is not easy to comb and maintain, and it gets fuzzy easily. A real human hair wig with high quality human hair is smooth, and not easy to get tangled.

4. Burning Test

After burning, real human hair wigs will become black powdery. It is a smell of burning hair.

Synthetic wigs will become some viscous dark masses. And it is a smell of burnt plastic.

5. Restyle Characteristics

Synthetic hair wigs cannot be dyed or colored but human hair wigs can be colored and blow like your natural hair.

6. Life Span

A real human hair wig normally can be used for at least one year. A synthetic wig may last about half one year.


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