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How To Put On A Headband Wig

water wave human hair headband wigs
Nowadays, headband wigs have gained a bomb popularity for their compelling natural look and convenient to wear and go in several minutes. So do you want to know how to put on headband wigs? This article is ready for you to learn about everything you should know about headband wigs.

What Is A Headband Wig

Headband wigs are also called as the name ‘Half wigs’. The Wig innovatively combines with a comfortable and breathable fabric headband material along the hairline. The rest portion of the wigs are made of hair wefts by machine.

The use of headbands is also very flexible. headband wig human hair comes in a variety of colors and styles. You can get one and use it to cover your hair or leave the hair out as you like.

colored headband wig

How To Put On A Headband Wig

Wear a headband wig is not so difficult, here are step-by-step instructions to help you practice putting on a headband wig.

1) Choose A Right Headband Wig

Firstly, make sure you have a great type of wig texture that can blend with your natural hair well. For example, if you have a coarse and curly hair texture, the curly headband wig is more suitable for you!

2) Preparing For The Your Headband Wig Install

Make sure your natural hair flat underneath your headband wig is crucial to the wig installation. Put your hair into low bun or braid your hair to make sure the flat base under your wig.

3) Make Your Baby Hair

This Step Is Optional, you can tuck in your edges or let them out as you desire. if you want to make your overall look stand out, go to show your baby hair! Comb out the baby hair, using the brush part of the edge control brush, slicking baby hairs the way you want them to lay, this step will make your ultimate look more natural.

4) Wear wig cap

Put on a stocking cap and just put it over my hair. if you want to let your edges expose, please pull your cap further so you can leave your baby's hair out.

5) Put The Headband Wig On Your Head

Wear the headband wig from back to front, first fastening the velcro for a snug fit. then ensure stability with using built-in clips. The wig stays in place once secured, offering a worry-free experience.

6) Adjust A Headband

For a custom look, adjust the headband or pick a headband you like. adjust the headband to enhance your beautiful look, wear a gorgeous headband for a sleeker appearance, or choose a sparkling crystal diamond headband for added charm and stunning hairstyle. 

7) Ensure Your Wig Secured On Head

The important thing we should consider is for your wig to fall off when you are going out. After installing the wig, shake your head from side to side to test if it is entirely put on well.

8) Style Hair

Once your wig is secured well. In the end, You can style the headband wig in different ways to see how to wear it. Also, you can use some moisturizing lotion on a curly headband wig to keep the curls defined.

Why To Wear Headband Wigs

why choose headband wig

You Want To Have A Huge Saving

Headband wig is a good boon for those who have a tight budget without breaking the bank. Given that they are exclusively machine-sewn the price of headband wigs human hair is affordable than other intricately lace wigs.

Hassle-free Way To Wear

Headband wig provides a cosy wig-wearing experience. It doesn’t use any glue to help it stay in place, which gives a big relief to your hairline and reduces tension or stress from the wig adhesive.

The Opportunity To Try Out New Style

The headband wig styles can bring you stylish fashion expression. Changing a headband can transform your look with no effort and achieve a different look. It’s a good alternative when you are tired of other types of wigs.

It’s Quick And Easy To Apply

The headband wig is known for quick application in 5 minutes. it eliminates the troubling task of bleaching, plucking, and cutting lace. which is practical for those who are in a hurry or on-the-go in daily routine.


Whether you are a beginner or a pro, a headband wig can be your choice to give yourself self-esteem and show a charming look. You can get one to ample your wig collection, you will like it!

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