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Here' s A List Of FAQs On Human Hair Products!

I've summarized a long list of frequent asked questions on human hair products for you guys,please check it below.

1 Does the hair shed?

YES,of course, It will shed,even your own hair naturally growing out of our scalp will shed everyday.But our hair weft is machine-made double weft,which can minimize the shedding problem and has gone through tens of times combing to remove short hairs hidden before delivery, so by the time you receive the hair, it may shed a little to none.

2 Will the hair tangle?

No,all our human hair products are made from virgin remy hair which have undergone through multiple of processes to develop a soft and sleek hand feeling before shipping out.Generally, the hair will not tangle but it can happen if you don't manage it in a proper way, which can prolong the lifespan of the hair to ever longer than those who not, so it is sincerely essential for you to check out more at maintenance tips later.

3 Does the hair smell?

 Yes, it does smell a little bit but there is a reason behind that and it is common and tolerant.Since the hair has gone through washing,steaming and oiling processes, when you receive the hair, it does smell but will fade away after washing several times with hair shampoo and conditioner.

4 Does the hair come with gray hairs?

Yes, just a little bit but it is in control and understandable because our hair is cut from donors directly in intact situation and it's inevitable to have a few strands of gray hairs remaining during production and we usually pick them out by hand.hope you guys can understand that.

5 Does the curl pattern disappear after washing?

Yes,but slightly, since our wavy or curly hair is made with various types of poles and goes through a steaming process to maintain its natural intact status for a longer lifespan. after several times' washing, the curl patterns can loosen a little bit but they can revive to its origin state with the usage of leave-in conditioner or hair moss.

6 Can it be bleached,dyed,flat ironed or restyled?

 Yes,all our hair products are 100% human hair guaranteed, can be bleached,dyed, and restyled to your liking, however you still have to be careful as you would with your real hair.We suggest you consult with us first or go to professional salons.

7 How to care the human hair products?

Those are the most FAQs collected from customers,if you have any question,please drop it down below,we will try our best to solve the problem for you guys.



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