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7 Most Trendy Hair Highlights You Should Try

No.1 Burgundy Highlights

I have to rank this one as top one because it’s so popular on the market applicable for both dark skin and light skin people, known as Dark Chocolate Cherry with black hair and dark cherry red shade not so bright but elegant and graceful. If you want a change of look slightly, try this one.

No2. Dynamic Red Look

This look is brighter than the above, which has a dark color at the hair root to forge a more natural appearance, and ends at the hair tip to create an illusion of more color, it will be a perfect choice for those who wants a full head color.

No.3 Strawberry Highlights

What if you do prefer brighter and bolder hair shades? Then take this one. With more brilliant red-yellow color adding into against dark hair, the look is even more fabulous, stylish and stunning, if you are fashion chaser, try it on, it wont let you down.

No.4 Vibrant Red and Orange Tones

Another cool image you should try is vibrant red and orange color combination where red tone is brighter and orange highlights are lighter, it will show your distinct and spectacular sense of fashion and stand you out from the crowd.

No.5 Rich Wine Highlights

It’s one of our favorites, for this look, the hair is dark at root with vivid wine colored with highlights where red and purple tones create a vibrant and trendy image.

No.6 Light Strawberry Rose Highlights

If you want a softer and subtler chic look, try this light strawberry rose hightlights with pink tone, it is stunning on everyone and a perfect choice for the coming autumn.

No.7 Copper Red Highlights

This hair style is bold and amazing and will make you look even brighter and passionate with red color and coppery highlights, you’ve gotta try this out.

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