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Top 8 Popular Color Hair Trends

Fashion coloring has been around for decades. It is usually cyclical in how popular it is, though in recent years it is finally hitting the mainstream enough to be common instead of something done by small subsets of society. Plus, with modern science and technology, there is a wider variety of colors, types, and options for fashion dyeing than ever before. The variety of blacklight/UV reactive ones alone is amazing.

Today We are shareing top 8 popular color hair trends you may like.

1. 99j Dark Burgundy Red Hair Color  5. 1b/27 Ombre Color (Light Auburn With Black Roots ) 
2. 1b Green Ombre Color Hair  6. 1b/30 Ombre Color ( Auburn Brown With Black Roots) 
3. 1b Blue Ombre Color Hair  7. 1b/Dark 99j Ombre Color (Dark Burgundy With Black Roots) 
4. 613 Blonde Colore Hair  8. 1b Purple Ombre Color ( Purple Color With Black Roots) 
 If there's no any colored hair you like, you can click the following color hair collection to see more colored hair.


If you have any question or any opinion about color hair, please freely leave us your comment. 

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